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Flintlock muskets to trigger bidding in Cologne

07 May 2018

Numerous works of art in the spring sales at Van Ham in Cologne come from the extensive legacy of Friedrich Wilhelm Waffenschmidt (1925-2017), founder of one of Europe’s leading electronics retailers.


Art Nouveau centrepiece set to take prominence in Munich

07 May 2018

A late 19th century Art Nouveau centrepiece is one of the highlights at Quittenbaum’s Munich sale on May 15.


Eyewitness view of Napoleon in Russia 1812 up at auction

07 May 2018

Pride comes before a fall and in the case of Napoleon, Smolensk came before Moscow. On May 18 Ketterer Kunst is selling a 2ft x 2ft 7in (60 x 79cm) scene of Napoleon observing the burning city of Smolensk.


A Grand Tour of auction highlights across Germany's regional centres

26 March 2018

Pictured and discussed here is a selection of interesting and unusual lots from sales in February and early March, ranging from a Russian enamel jug in Saarbruecken and an aristocratic de Lászlo portrait in Heidelberg to an early Grand Tour souvenir in cork in Cologne.


10 Things to know about the German auction scene

26 March 2018

The essential guide to the German auction world - 10 things to know


Hurdy-gurdy, armonica and serpent sales

05 February 2018

An 800-year-old hurdy-gurdy, thought to be the oldest in Europe, features in a collection of 450 musical instruments from a German private museum coming up at auction.


Latest German saleroom results show Asian buyers stepping up

29 January 2018

Asian art sales are always unpredictable, more often than not in a positive sense.


Discs prove golden for Ernst Wilhelm Nay prices

02 January 2018

The market for works by Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902-68) was pushed into a new dimension at recent German auctions.


Uecker is nailed on as greatest hit of the influential Zero group

02 January 2018

Paintings by major exponents of Expressionism almost invariably occupy many of the top slots in the modern and contemporary art sales staged in late autumn across Germany and Austria.


Beyond Zero: modern and contemporary highlights

02 January 2018

The potential star of the show at the sale of Selected Works held by Grisebach (25% buyer’s premium) in Berlin on November 30 lived up to its expectations.

Auguste Rodin's The Kiss

Bronze casts of Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ win admirers at auctions in Germany and the US

18 December 2017

The highlight of the latest modern art sale held at Nagel in Stuttgart was a small bronze figure of Auguste Rodin’s 'Le Baiser' (The Kiss).


On the hunt for Delacroix copies of Rubens works

27 November 2017

A mix of surprising and more predictable results emerged in the first round of Old Master auctions in Germany and Austria this autumn.


Swan on song and harem scene sizzles

27 November 2017

Among the many hundreds of services manufactured in Meissen, the Schwanenservice (Swan Service) is one of the most exclusive – a fact not lost on today’s collectors of 18th century German porcelain.


Munich – a hotspot of auction houses, dealers and fairs

16 October 2017

The Bavarian capital city of Munich is an ever-expanding centre of prosperity, home to the carmaker BMW, leading insurers and major industrial concerns as well as numerous IT businesses.


Fairs at the double in Munich

16 October 2017

October is Munich is a busy time for art and antiques with two major fairs running concurrently in the city. ATG looks at what will be in store for visitors.


First round of auctions in Bavarian capital

16 October 2017

The first round of Munich auctions took place at the end of September and produced several notable results for paintings and sculpture. They include a rare appearance at the rostrum for a work by a Greek artist who studied in the Bavarian capital and a 19th century Orientalist subject painted in Rome by a German artist shortly after a return journey from Greece.


Auction record at Swiss sale for rediscovered work by Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela

07 August 2017

The unexpected highlight of a recent sale at Beurret & Bailly (20% buyer’s premium) in Basel was a work by the Finnish artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) which had been considered lost for over a century.


Max Beckmann is auction top scorer in both Munich and Berlin

07 August 2017

The summer season brought a raft of modern art sales to continental Europe and the various salerooms around Germany were no exception.


Irises bloom in Austrian saleroom as tension mounts

07 August 2017

Austrian artists figured prominently at the June 20-21 sale at Kinsky (26% buyer’s premium) in Vienna.


The German-born artist who went native in the US

07 August 2017

The biggest sensation at Scheublein (26% buyer’s premium) in Munich on June 30 was caused by an oil painting of American Indians from the mid-19th century. It was an oil study for a famous painting by Carl Ferdinand Wimar (1828-62), who also went by the name of Charles Wimar.