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They had a 3742-lot sale that occupied April 23 and the two days following. The star of the sale was the 1600 double-rose noble struck by the City of Campen. It is derived in design from a similar coin issued by the Emperor Maximilian I (d.1519) in the Low Countries which prompted our own Henry VII to issue what is one of the most admired coins of the late medieval series. This Campen coin is very rare indeed. It was estimated at NG40,000. Schulman guessed about right as it made NG46,000 (£13,800).

At a more affordable level the silver jetton referring to the Gunpowder Plot (1605) with a propagandist serpent (naturally) was estimated at NG250 (£75) and that is exactly what it made.
Exchange rate: £1 = NG3.33