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This is a mojo extractor, central to the plot of the Hollywood spoof film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, wherein the villainous Fat Bastard uses this device to relieve the libidinous hero of his precious juices while he lies helpless in a cryogenically frozen state, c.1969.

Thirty years later, and Powers thaws out in bed but realises that he has lost his mojo and must travel back to the ’60s (in a VW Beetle time machine) to retrieve it from chief baddie, Doctor Evil, who prizes it as “the life force, the essence, the right stuff, what the French call, a certain I don’t know...”.

For the spitefully undersexed, it would be the perfect device to level the playing fields at parties the world over, but of course it is only a film prop, and an expensive one at that, bringing £750 (plus 17.5 per cent premium).