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Hiquily’s quirky, angular creations, something like 3-D versions of Wilfredo Lam, are often part-sculpture, part-furniture, and a good example here was a coffee table 16in (40cm) tall with a circular glass top, 5ft 3in (1.6m) in diameter, supported by a beaten and welded brass reclining nude. It sold for €30,000 (£18,750), over double estimate.

Confirming Hiquily’s erotic leanings were the suggestive curves of an “anthromorphic” gilt and welded brass armchair, with faux zebra-skin velvet upholstery, that span to €25,500 (£15,900), over treble estimate.

Top price for Hiquily, though, went to a pair of Skittle tables in gilt brass, 2ft 8in (80.5cm) tall, with a slice of palmwood tree trunk, 17in (43.5cm) in diameter. These soared seven times estimate to €55,000 (£34,350).

His welded brass female acrobat Claudie, 7ft 10in (2.4m) tall on a black lacquered metal frame, more than doubled hopes on €34,000 (£21,200). So did his 1970 gilt brass abstract sculpture, apparently composed of vari-shaped boomerangs and punningly entitled Suspendue à Ton Souffle (Waiting on Your Every Breath), height 3ft 7in (1.1m), at €29,000 (£18,100). And an artist’s proof Bocquel casting of Les Bas Noirs, a seated gilt brass nude with black-patinated stockings, 6ft 5in (1.96m) tall and numbered EA 1/2, rated a top-estimate €24,500 (£15,300) even though the black patina was patchily faded.