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Well known for Renaissance works of art, Mr Philp has had much success in recent years by mixing the old and new, in particular the rugged stoneware of his brother, the Welsh potter Paul Philp, and more recently with the ironwork sculptures of Dutchman Xander Spronken.

From November 28 to December 19 he brings together the work of the two in a single selling exhibition at his gallery at 59 Ledbury Road in London’s Notting Hill, and promises to “metamorphose” the premises for the occasion.

The two artists have never met but Richard spotted an affinity between them, not least that their creations are dependent on the effect of white heat. When the temperature hits 1260 Centigrade it has reached white heat, when iron bends to the anvil and clay is transformed. Hence the title of the show Twelve Sixty.

Richard confirms that the inspiration for the exhibition came with the relevance of the 1260 temperature to both artists. “The properties of iron and ceramic, refined and engineered in design, are worked by Paul and Xander beyond expectation; the use of fire transforming the original substance into new forms.”

The work of both potter and ironworker recently proved a huge commercial hit in New York.