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The Bargain Hunt presenter has been told not to return to that fixture after his cross-dressing Bargain Hunt contestants caused “considerable disruption” during filming recently.

Mr Taylor felt the drag queens belittled his show and the antiques profession (profession?) and he commented: “It is nothing personal against David Dickinson – it was just the question of the programme’s choice of contestants.”

Apparently angry stallholders have cancelled future bookings, so shocked were they by the drag queens.

Admittedly, drag queens and Harrogate do not seem easy bedfellows, but the programme is pure showbiz and more about entertainment than antiques.

Surely the organisers knew that when they agreed to allow the cameras through the gates? But I loved the BBC spokeswoman’s reaction when she said she was disappointed at the fair’s decision, but explained the show was just “one of a series that featured unusual contestants, such as clergymen and ice hockey players”.

On the subject of Bargain Hunt, did you known Tim Wonnacott, chairman of Sotheby’s Olympia, has taken over the daytime show since David has been elevated to prime time?