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Following the extensive reproducing and enhancing of the popular banded kitchen wares a few years ago, Derek Green, great grandson of T.G. Green has encountered a new rash of dubious wares. The recent fakes, a combination of modern hard paste porcelain wares and 'enhanced' pieces of 1930s pottery, are particularly prevalent on eBay.

Pictured here is a pottery flour sifter purporting to have been made by T.G. Green in the 1920s. The pot is old, probably from the 1920s, but it has red painted (rather than turned slip) bands and its shield-back stamp is very slightly raised to the touch. In the past when the occasional Cornish spice jar has been 'enhanced' by the later addition of an overglaze back stamp and/or an unusual name, it has been possible to scrape this off with a knife. The back stamps on the current crop of fakes cannot be scraped off.

The hard paste wares, that also carry a variety of fake T.G. Green back stamps used from the 1930s to 1970, are being made in a variety of patterns and unusual shapes. The medium was never used by T.G. Green, and they are thought to be being made in the Far East.