Iznik Classics from Istanbul will ask $7500 for this polychrome glaze on quartz ceramic jar by Adnan Hoca, one of Turkey’s leading contemporary ceramics artists.

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Expect some 42 specialist exhibitors of whom a dozen are from Britain - the largest non-American contingent.

Among the English dealers are Jonathan Horne, Garry Atkins, Roderick Jellicoe, Cohen & Cohen, Mark J. West and Alistair Sampson.

All manner of strictly vetted antique and contemporary porcelain, pottery and glass from around the world will be on sale and this year the fair gets a new dimension.

With the debut of Dr Jerome Eisenberg of New York's Royal-Athena Galleries, the event gets a serious representation of antiquities with a large selection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Islamic work, the earliest pottery dating back to 3500 BC.

In contrast, contemporary work is becoming ever more popular at this fair, and an unusual modern take on the antique will be on the stand of Iznik Classics from Istanbul.

They will show a jar made in 2004 by Adnan Hoca, one of Turkey's leading ceramicists who continues the centuries old tradition of Iznik ware.

English pottery is strong, which is hardly surprising with the leading UK dealers in the field in attendance, and majolica remains a staple of the event. Chinese Export ware is also well represented.

The fair's programme of 12 lectures includes one by Sally Kevill-Davies, the English Chelsea porcelain expert who is currently writing a book on the manufactory, and this year's loan exhibition features Tucker porcelain from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The fair was founded and is organised by California's Caskey-Lees and admission is $15.

This ceramics fair is the first of a flurry of January Fairs in Manhattan, among them the American Antiques Show, Antiques at the Armory and the Winter Antiques Show.