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Our latest tally shows that he successfully bid at least £6500 at UK provincial auction rooms since being made bankrupt on July 27 last year.

Despite Mr Wilson telling ATG that a friend had lent him the money to pay for £580 worth of goods he bid for successfully at Lacey Scott Knight in Suffolk on September 16, no payment has been received.

Instead they and other auctioneers have been palmed off with a series of excuses, ranging from ill health to the anticipated arrival of a new cheque book.

The auctioneers who have complained to ATG that they are owed money on bids made since Mr Wilson’s bankruptcy include Gildings of Market Harborough (£1040 hammer on September 19), Christopher Matthews of Harrogate (£2200 hammer on September 28), George Kidner of Lymington (£1200 hammer on October 12) and J. P. Humberts of Towcester (£1500 hammer on October 20).

ATG have now forwarded details of these complaints to the Official Receiver, who has launched an investigation.

By Ivan Macquisten