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The one-day course at the Dover Street Arts Club costs a not insignificant £600 but does come with the promise of an internship at a West End gallery to follow.

The day starts with a series of lectures by Sophie and Virginia offering an insight into the art world and tips on achieving career goals.

After lunch there will be a tour of various West End auction houses, galleries and antiques dealerships where employers will give talks about their experiences within the sector. The day will end at the Arts Club with a question and answer session followed by a one-to-one interview with a consultant, where participants will be given CV advice and chose their internship.

The courses are open to all but limited to 15 people and will be held either quarterly or monthly, depending on demand.

The first is scheduled for Tuesday, November 18 and there are a few places left. To apply send a curriculum vitae to info@fineartcareerscourse.com or call 020 7636 9878.