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The Lord Byron memorial ring that took £6200 at Gorringes.

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But, in the commercial sphere of mourning jewellery, a definite hierarchy persists. And names are important.

A collection of 18th and early 19th century mourning rings offered at Gorringes, Lewes in 30 lots (23 were sold) included a full spectrum of price points - from £100 to £6200.

The high point was provided by the gold and enamel memorial ring, picturedhere. Marked for GR London 1824, the £400-600 estimate at the sale on February 6-7 would have been more than adequate had it not commemorated the great 'mad, bad and dangerous to know' Romantic poet Byron.

The decoration included a red and white crown above the word Byron and a black enamelled shank inscribedin memory ofwith an internal glazed panel and inscription died 19 April 1824 at 36.

Such mementos always come to the attention of the Byron Society and at Lewes, a collector took this one at £6200.