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In last week's ATG he set out his ten-point plan to revive this sector of the market. Here is the best of the reaction on Twitter to his #BringBackBrownFurniture manifesto:


Capes Dunn & Co. @CapesDunn:

@JeremyLamond great article in this week's ATG how very true #BringBackBrownFurniture


Byrne's Auctioneers @byrnes_chester:

What a brilliant article in this week's @ATG_Editorial @JeremyLamond. Count @byrnes_chester IN #BringBackBrownFurniture


Timothy Medhurst @TimothyMedhurst:

@JeremyLamond #BringBackBrownFurniture enjoyed reading your piece in @ATG_Editorial


WindsorHouseAntiques @HseWindsor:

@JeremyLamond @byrnes_chester

@ATG_Editorial Great Article Jeremy delighted to support!


Elizabeth Fell @ElizabethFell1: 

Good work in today's @ATG_Editorial @JeremyLamond #BringBackBrownFurniture *holds cabriole leg aloft in solidarity*


Antique Collection @antiqueaday: 

We're joining the campaign to #BringBackBrownFurniture @JeremyLamond


Entwine Upholstery @entwineupholst: 

@antiqueaday @JeremyLamond We're up for it. We want quality not quantity. We love Wood!


Robert Mulhern @RobertMulhern1:

@entwineupholst @JeremyLamond @antiqueaday dont tell everyone just yet, im still out buying #cheapclassfurniture


Carlos Diaz  @Funk2funkDiaz:

@ATG_Editorial brown!! wrong word puts people off straight away, and also mid century furniture is quality and not mass produced either...


Philip Serrell @PhilipSerrell: 

@JeremyLamond - I very much approve of your #BringBackBrownFurniture campaign - come to my next sale and we'll have a load for you.