The consignment comes from the collection of André Aerne, a voice professor at Butler University in the US who died last year, and will be sold to benefit the Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan.

Offered in a timed auction running from August 14-25, bidding on all lots opens at bidding at $100 and the overall sale is expected to raise at least $100,000.

The works can be views in Christie’s New York during the period over which the sale runs.

Christie’s played a pivotal role in putting the spotlight on Clarice Cliff in the 1990s via their specialist auctions in its South Kensington saleroom which closed last month. Indeed, some lots appearing here had been previously sold at CSK.

Regular dedicated sales of Clarice Cliff however ended at CSK some years ago, but the closure of Christie’s second London saleroom means that such collections will now be migrated to the online-only format more and more frequently.

"Charismatic designer”

Christie’s said the sale is an “exciting opportunity for new and established collectors alike to acquire works by this charismatic designer” and have previously pointed out that online sales have been a strong source in terms of gaining new clients – including for ceramics by the likes of Pablo Picasso for example.

However, it will be a test of Christie’s new model to hold an online-only sale in this niche area in the traditionally quiet month of August.

Here ATG selects a few highlights from the upcoming sale.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEa 02-08-17 LOT 1090.jpg

Three Clarice Cliff plates in the ‘Bizzare Lightning’, ‘Original Bizarre’ and ‘Bizarre Swirls’ patterns, the largest with a diameter of 12in (30.5cm) – estimated at $600-800 at Christie’s online-only auction.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEb 02-08-17 LOT 1057.jpg

A group of six Clarice Cliff conical sugar sifters, 5.5in (14cm) high – estimated at $800-1200.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEc 02-08-17 LOT 1099.jpg

A Clarice Cliff centerpiece bowl in the ‘Fantasque Floreat’ pattern, shape 417, from the second quarter 20th century, 9in (23cm) wide – estimated at $700-900.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEd LOT 1016.jpg

Three Clarice Cliff ‘inspiration’ vases (the pair in the 'Inspiration' pattern, shape 461, the third in the 'Inspiration' 'Morning Glory Lilly' pattern, shape 381), the tallest 7.5in (19cm) high – estimated at $700-900.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEe 02-08-17 LOT 1039.jpg

A group of Clarice Cliff tea and tablewares, various patterns – estimated at $700-900.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEf 02-08-17  LOT 1079.jpg

A group of nine Clarice Cliff candlesticks in various patterns and shapes – estimated at $1000-1500.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEg 02-08-17  LOT 1084.jpg

A Clarice Cliff wall pocket from c.1937-1952 in the ‘Scorpio Star Sign’ pattern, 7in (18cm) high – estimated at $300-500.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEh 02-08-17.jpg

Two Clarice Cliff vases (a 'Square Ballons' vase in the pre-1929 164 shape and a ‘Bizarre’ vase, shape 370, drilled for electricity) and a lamp base shape 526, electrified, the tallest 6in (15cm) high – estimated at $600-800.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEi 02-08-17 LOT 1074.jpg

A Clarice Cliff platter, jug and three conical sisters. The 10.5in (27cm) wide platter in the ‘Chloris’ pattern, biaritz shape, the jug in the ‘Nasturtium’ pattern, the conical sifters in the ‘Nasturtium’, ‘Delecia’ and ‘Canterbury Bells’ patterns – estimated at $700-900.


Clarice Cliff Christies  2303NEj 02-08-17  LOT 1030.jpg

Two Clarice Cliff centerpiece bowls and a vase. One bowl and the vase in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Liberty’ pattern, the second bowl in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Orange Battle’ pattern – estimated at $700-900.