Partner's desk
This Chippendale-period partner’s desk from c.1770 is offered at Windsor House Antiques for £26,000.

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Among these is a Chippendale period mahogany partners’ desk from 1779. It made from mahogany and features old but replaced leather and original swan neck handles.

Also on offer is a 1760 architectural draughtsman table, which features a top that lifts on a ratchet. The forward section slides revealing a writing area and well-fitted interior together with two brass candle supports on either side. There is also a serpentine mahogany silver table with fine and elaborately carved supports and top gallery from 1770.

The pieces come to market on the 300th anniversary of Chippendale’s birth. Marked by a number of events around the country, antiques dealers and museums alike have joined in, creating an extensive celebratory programme.

Chippendale was the first furniture maker to publish a book of his designs, titled The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director, which was released in three editions during his lifetime. Today he is recognised as the pre-eminent cabinet maker of the 18th century

“My passion for antiques began when I discovered the work of fellow Yorkshireman, Thomas Chippendale,” says gallery owner D Kevin Smith. “His timeless designs and the execution of these exquisite pieces offer the collector exceptional signature pieces.”

Smith founded his business in Leeds in 1957. Since then it has had galleries in Mayfair, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Kyoto. The business is now set in the former Royal residence of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Barnwell Manor in Peterborough.