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“We need to bear in mind that the starting point for the Government was a manifesto pledge for an indiscriminate ban. Following intervention from trade bodies, the government has made exemptions."

Mark Dodgson, secretary general of BADA

“We are concerned that the different level of de minimis between musical instruments (20% by volume) and other objects (10%) appears to be illogical and will lead to confusion. We consider that they should be brought into line.”

Helen Carless, chairman of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers

“I await details to see how the proposals will work in practice, and the extent to which the trade in bona fide works of art will operate.”

Dealer Martin Levy of H Blairman & Son.

Members of the trade respond to the launch of the ivory sales ban. For more reactions click here. For more information on the ban click here.


“The discovery of this specimen probably represents the high point of my career, so significant are its scientific implications.”

Eric Mickeler, expert consultant for an auction at Aguttes on June 4, where a new species of dinosaur skeleton will go under the hammer. The buyer will have the opportunity to name it after themselves. For the full story click here.

“Masterpiece’s inimitable strength is its ability to transcend the traditional pigeonholing of art into chronologies and cultures.”

Philip Hewat-Jaboor, chairman of Masterpiece London, on its continued role as a cross-collecting fair. For the full story click here.

“I’ve always been a one-day fair organiser I love the benefits of getting in and out in one day … but although that works perfectly fine for a tabletop fair it proved too little time to get lots of furniture, statuary and general brocante into the venue.”

Matthew Adams who is reviving his Brocante and Decorative Living Show at Chelsea Old Town Hall. It will run over two days in November. For the full story see ATG 2337.