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"We might encounter a collection of Victorian novelty silver like this only once every few years. When I turned up at the client's house and there were 20 of these laid out on the dining table, I thought, 'wow – Christmas has come early'."

Jonathan Benson, associate director of Reeman Dansie, on the collection of animal-shaped claret jugs, pepperettes, whisky tots and scent bottles that went under the hammer this week.

“While as far as we know no comparable finger- or thumb- prints of Rembrandt have been found in other works in order to confirm the conclusion, the discovery of the marks in the original layer of paint along the lower edge make their connection to the artist highly credible.”

George Gordon, worldwide co-chairman of Sotheby’s Old Master Paintings, on the apparent discovery of two of Rembrandt’s fingerprints in a painting.

“This portrait adds greatly to our perception of the charismatic young blade that Dickens was at the time and is so different to the avuncular, bearded man we know from photographs.”

Philip Mould who presented a rediscovered portrait miniature of Charles Dickens which is now on public display at the Philip Mould & Company gallery in Pall Mall, London.

“This is a highly desirable shopping area and we want to highlight the amazing high-quality businesses based here.”

A spokesperson for the new neighbourhood business group, The King’s Road Curve, which includes several galleries and will hold a series of events in the lead up to Christmas.

"The time is right for a pause, a refresh and a new beginning. I want to take a break with my family and I am excited to start a new chapter in my career.”

Francis Outred, outgoing Christie’s chairman, on his decision to leave the auction world after 20 years.