Vastari's survey asks collectors about their habits and how they work with museums.

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The research is being conducted by Vastari, a company that connects museums to private collectors and commercial exhibition companies. The research will focus on collectors’ philanthropic activities and collaborations with museums.

The report also aims to understand the ‘deal-breakers’ that these individuals consider unacceptable in terms of partnerships related to their collection.

Responses received so far indicate that only 12.2% of collectors surveyed intend to donate items to a museum, 10.4% already have donated to a museum and 4.3% are intending to build their own museum.

The survey closes on Friday, November 15 and responses will be analysed and published in February 2020.

Vastari will anonymise the data and it will be shared on its networks and available to its subscribers. Any collector who responds to the surveys will receive this new report and a 12-month subscription to the Vastari Museum Reports.

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