Desmond Morris, the artist and scientist, is the subject of a selling exhibition at Mallams next month.

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Morris is best known for his work as a TV zoologist and his bestselling book The Naked Ape (1967) about the results of sexual selection and evolution in the human species – the book that “helped the ‘60s swing with its revelations on sex and body language” according to the auction house.

However, he has also identified with surrealist art for 70 years and now calls himself “the last living surrealist”.

Bodyworks: The Art of Desmond Morris runs from April 5-7 and includes 80 works priced between £950-20,000.

Among the pieces offered are 20 A3-size ink and watercolour drawings, priced at £1500 and some earlier, larger oils. There are also 50 black ink and watercolour A4-sized drawings that were used to illustrate Bodywork, a recent book by Morris limited to just 100 signed and numbered copies. A copy will be given to each buyer at the show.

Morris also recently wrote The Lives of the Surrealists, his take on the lives of his fellow artists. Now 91 he splits his time between painting and writing.