A petition has been launched to exempt stringed instrument bows from the Ivory Act registration requirement. Antique bows contain small amounts of ivory in the tip. Photo credit: pxhere

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It contests that traders in antique bows including musicians, music shops and auction houses will be negatively affected by the practicalities and cost involved in registering the high volume of bows that regularly appear on the market.

Sarah Buchanan of auction house Amati said: “We fully support the Ivory Act’s ethics - endangered species must be protected. Our concern regarding the legislation is one of unforeseen consequences given the huge volume of bows that are traded in the UK and the impracticability of having to register every single sold bow in the UK with an ivory tip, the amount of which is equivalent to an adult thumbnail.”

The petition, which had nearly 1600 signatures at the time of going to press, can be found at