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A group of Martinware pottery items stolen across two break-ins in 2005 and 2007 from buildings owned by Ealing Council are still missing but there are hopes some can be recovered.

One missing Martinware bird was recovered last month with the help of art pottery specialist Alison Davey of AD Antiques and recovery specialist Christopher Marinello of Art Recovery International (ATG No 2469).

Davey and Marinello believe the trade can help spot others from the thefts. Southall Library suffered a break-in in May 2005 when 16 pieces of Martin Brothers pottery were stolen and later in March 2007 Ealing Council suffered another loss when 24 items of Martinware were taken from Pitzhanger Manor House.

Outstanding pieces include 11 bird jars, six face jugs, a dragon spoon warmer, an imp musician, a model of Pickwick, a queen chess piece and the upper tier of a fountain.

Dr Jonathan Oates, museum archivist at Ealing Council, remains hopeful of future recoveries and Davey and Marinello and others in the trade are remaining vigilant.

Pictured above in this article are many of the outstanding items.

Read more about the recent recovery of the Martinware bird jug here.

This article was updated in February 2021 to reflect the recovery of a Martinware face jug, reducing the number outstanding from seven to six.