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Daniel Crouch Rare Books offers this Siege de Mastrik 1748 at £15,000.

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The London and New York firm brings a display of maps of the city - including this 1748 plan of the Siege of Maastricht of the same year that is full of trompe l'oeil detail.

This curious and clever design by Jean Striedbeck draws details from Swedish military engineer Jakob Funcke and other contemporary sources to show the city’s fortresses, regimental information and the plan of attack. The trompe l’oeil effect comes to life with an additional sheet of silk affixed to the map that folds back to reveal inset maps and charts. The dealership has produced an animation to show how it works.

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Siege de Mastrik 1748 is priced at £15,000.

The plan comes from the collection of Axel von Fersen (1755-1810), a notable Swedish count who shared a close friendship with Marie Antoinette and gave an ardent defence of the monarchy during the French Revolution.

During the War of Austrian Succession, a French force besieged and captured Maastricht in the final few months of the campaign in the Low Countries. After two months the garrison had capitulated and marched out with the honours of war. Later in the year the city was returned along with France's conquests in the Austrian Netherlands according to the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.

The fair opens with preview days on March 5-6 and opens to the public on March 7.

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