Dominic Winter

Dominic Winter was established in 1988 and holds over 20 auctions every year at its Cirencester saleroom in the UK. They hold regular general sales which feature fine art, medals, arms, coins, stamps and militaria.

Dominic Winter is well known for its regular specialist book sales. The book sales are dedicated to travel, maps, topography, first editions, children’s books and antiquarian books.


‘Sundial’ distorts view of the world

18 March 2017

Highly unusual, not to say confusing, but mathematically correct is the view of the world as seen in this untitled map of 1640 that made £4500 in a Dominic Winter (19.5% buyer’s premium) sale of March 1.

WEB WW1 air fabric Bristol 31-10-16.jpg

First World War Red Baron victim's aircraft fabric on auction in Bristol

31 October 2016

Manfred von Richthofen aka the Red Baron is one of those historical figures with a high fascination value, meaning high demand for relics.


Cuban photographer’s favourite picture

04 March 2013

This image of a young girl cradling a piece of wood for a doll by Cuban photographer Alerberto Korda is believed to have been his favourite claims his daughter, Norka Korda who has consigned a group of fifty-five photographs by her father to Dominic Winter’s sale on March 7 in South Cerney, near Cirencester.


Charles Dickens novel in original parts

01 March 2013

A copy of Charles Dickens’s ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ in the original parts is being offered by Dominic Winter on March 6 in South Cerney, Cirencester.


Chinese works stolen from Gloucestershire saleroom

12 February 2013

Gloucestershire auctioneers Dominic Winter are offering a reward for information leading to the return of 42 lots which were stolen in a smash-and-grab raid on their South Cerney premises.


That’s the ticket – fares rise to £3200

05 December 2011

DOMINIC Winter, who included the Alfred A. Charleswoth collection of old railway tickets as part of their recent collectors' and transport sale, had only a limited track record on which to rely – they sold a rare ticket for around £2000 some seven years ago.


Gloucestershire sale shows Fenton in Orientalist mode

28 June 2010

A GROUP of five photographs by pioneering British photographer Roger Fenton (1819-1869) sold for £100,500, some five times above their combined estimate, at Dominic Winter of South Cerney, Gloucestershire on June 17.


Mementos of a true high flyer

21 June 2010

THERE can be no more important figure in British inter-War aviation than the aircraft designer Reginald Joseph Mitchell (1895-1937).


The tale of how a man was turned into a dormouse

18 December 2006

JOHN Taylor was the Sawrey joiner and wheelwright, whose wife and stout, elderly daughter, Agnes Anne, kept the village shop immortalised by Beatrix Potter in Ginger and Pickles. But the first Taylor to appear in one of her books was his son, young John, who was the model for the terrier carpenter John Joiner in The Roly Poly Pudding.


Winston in wax and shellac

31 May 2006

Madame Tussauds added Winston Churchill to their waxwork tableaux for the first time in 1908, but had produced another half dozen portraits before his death in 1965. The last of them was put up for sale by Dominic Winter on May 18.


Latin verses by and for the scholarly bibliophile ...

28 April 2005

LAST week’s ATG included a short piece on a 1566 poem by Patrick Adamson, giving thanks for the birth of a son to Mary Queen of Scots, that made £3100 in a Dominic Winter sale of April 6.


How many make a full Ferrario?

24 March 2005

According to Brunet, Giulio Ferrario’s monumental study of Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire de Gouvernement, de la Milice, de la Réligion, des Arts, Sciences et usages de tous les Peuples anciens et Modernes, was originally published in Milan in 143 parts between 1816 and 1834 – simultaneously in French and Italian.


Choicest receipts for soops, fricasseys, etc

07 February 2005

The Simon Hall collection of cookery books, to which were added lots from other sources, was offered by Dominic Winter on January 27.


Taking a pricey ticket to obscurity

15 December 2004

Attracting some welcome national publicity for Swindon book specialists Dominic Winter (15% buyer’s premium) on November 11, was the remarkable performance of a group of early railway tickets consigned for sale by the widow of a Gloucestershire collector.

Refurbished Leviathan

29 September 2004

IN rebacked and refurbished contemporary calf, the copy of Hobbes’ Leviathan... seen at a Dominic Winter sale of August 25 was a 1651 first edition, but both the engraved additional title and main printed title were cut down and relaid, the folding table was torn and repaired and there was some browning and dampstaining.

Faerie Queen folio

29 September 2004

HANDSOMELY bound in dark crimson morocco gilt in the 19th century, a 1609, first folio edition of Spenser’s Faerie Queene, the titles to the two parts with large and elaborate woodcut devices (both with small amounts of early colouring) and containing numerous woodcut head- and tailpieces incorporating various royal devices and symbols, made £1740 (Powell) in a Dominic Winter sale of July 21.


Olio Rigmaroll’s Airy Nothings…

22 September 2004

RIGHT: one of 23 coloured aquatints by George Hunt after M.E[gerton] that make up Airy Nothings; Or, Scraps and Naughts, and Odd-cum-Shorts; in a Circumbendipus Hop, Step and Jump, by Olio Rigmaroll, a slim quarto volume of 1825, this one shows ‘Quadrille Dancing at Mr Owen’s Institution, near Lanark’ – the model community established by social and education reformer Robert Owen at the New Lanark cotton mills.


Whose turn is it to clean the windows?

22 September 2004

NOW that’s what I call a conservatory – Item No. 237 from a two vol. Illustrated Catalogue of Macfarlane’s Castings of c.1884, this monster is one of the very many items of decorative cast iron railings, gates, balconies, windows, lamps, glasshouses, etc. available from the manufacturers.


Rock Climbing

22 September 2004

THE early 20th century George Abraham of Keswick issued three titles that have become classics of rock climbing literature and two of them, offered by Dominic Winter on July 21, are seen right.

1657AB02D.jpg (1)

Far and farthest south...

22 September 2004

RIGHT: a folding plate from an 1847 first of James Clark Ross’ Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, the two vols. bound in later polished calf gilt by Henry Young of Liverpool, which made £1200 in a Dominic Winter sale of August 25.