Dealers come in all shapes and forms, from small sole-traders to powerhouse galleries. Both play an integral role in the art and antiques market.

They often specialise in a given fields such as jewellery, ceramics, paintings, Asian art or coins but there are also plenty of general dealers operate across different categories.

Football heroes gather once more

10 August 2004

FOR the second year running, dealers and auctioneers are to face each other across the football pitch rather than the saleroom in the Antiques Trade Gazette-sponsored annual challenge.

Canary Wharf event to attract City buyers

10 August 2004

ROBERT Bowman, one of the key players in dealer-led initiative London Sculpture Week, is launching a new venture to attract City executives into the antiques market.


Etruscan funerals and Roman triumphs

21 July 2004

SECOND generation Mayfair antiquities dealership Charles Ede Ltd, issue four catalogues a year devoted to different areas of their speciality, and they have just published their illustrated volume listing the Etruscan and Roman Antiquities currently available at their showroom at 20 Brook Street.

Petworth dealer terrorised as gang strike… Raiders prepare by slashing tyres at local police station

20 July 2004

A GANG slashed patrol car tyres at Petworth police station before launching an audacious burglary at an antiques shop in the town, escaping with hundreds of pieces of silver.


New demand for studio pottery brings special show

13 July 2004

SINCE 1986 Christopher Gange has been a dealer in 20th Century British Art at his Katharine House Gallery at The Parade, Marlborough, Wiltshire, but for the month of July, in a new departure, he is holding an important selling exhibition of British Studio Pottery, formerly part of his private collection.

Arts & Crafts in Cotswolds

13 July 2004

CELEBRATING 15 years trading in their present premises, Anne and William Morris, who operate as Ruskin Decorative Arts, have a summer selling exhibition at 5 Talbot Court, Stow-on-the-Wold from July 17 to 25.

LAPADA backs call for more trade promotion

13 July 2004

SARAH Harvey, chief executive of LAPADA, has given her backing to the concept of a marketing campaign in support of the whole antiques industry.

Poor trading climate continues for Partridge

13 July 2004

IN its latest published results, Partridge have recorded a significant fall in both turnover and profits citing again the very difficult trading conditions.


The dealers through an artist’s eye

13 July 2004

IT is not often that an antiques dealer ends up on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery, but until September 19 that is just what is happening.

Gladwell branch out after 250 years at top of their tree

07 July 2004

WHILE much of the art dealing world struggles to keep its galleries open, one City-based family firm is actually expanding to two London showcases.


Palace life for the print pioneers

07 July 2004

THE considerable coverage given to Asia Week in London, on these pages and in the national press, rather neglected one gallery which was bringing the art of the Orient to London long before the Asia week promotion was thought of.

Rumbles of better news arrive from Chittering

29 June 2004

A FEW weeks ago, The Guardian published a sensible and responsible feature concerning the current malaise of the antiques trade.

Stolen cheque scam targets trade who use Web banking

28 June 2004

DEALERS should be aware of a stolen cheque scam that targets regular Internet bankers.


Going public at festival

22 June 2004

EDINBURGH dealer Andrew Fletcher, who as Twentieth Century Antiques specialises in original works from 1920-1970, normally trades via his website or by appointment, but for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival he is taking space at Concrete Butterfly, a large complex at 317-319 Cowgate in the Old Town which retails furniture and interior design.

BACA shortlist

22 June 2004

THE British Antiques & Collectables Awards 2004 shortlist has been published, with the winners due to be announced at the beginning of August.

New blood among antiquities

22 June 2004

AFTER the first couple of days, all nine dealers participating in London Sculpture Week (which ended on June 18) reported a great deal of interest in their exhibitions with old clients joined by museum people and, most importantly, new customers.


The dealers who carve their own niche in the fairs season

17 June 2004

IN one of the most crowded week’s in London’s arts and antiques calendar, the Grosvenor House and Olympia fairs are still in full swing. Some may ask if we need more in the way of dealers’ selling exhibitions but they would get a dusty reply from the trade.

Interest-free credit plan by LAPADA: Association offer high-street deals

15 June 2004

LAPADA have introduced an interest-free credit scheme to the portfolio of benefits on offer to members.


Fiesta time as Brussels opens its doors to colleagues and clients

10 June 2004

BRUSSELS have two similar events this month, both of which are festivals rather than fairs, with specialist dealers mounting concurrent selling exhibitions, promoted jointly, and also inviting overseas specialists in the same discipline to show as guests in the Brussels galleries.


Four plus eight adds up to June in Kensington

10 June 2004

HERE is some information about one of the unqualified recent successes of the London ceramics scene, Eight Days in June, a concurrent series of exhibitions held by four leading Kensington dealers from June 7 to 15.