The referendum in the UK on whether to leave the European Union in June 2016 created a lively debate within the art and antiques industry.

Opinion was divided between those believing Brexit would create opportunities to reform the market once it was outside EU regulations, while others were of the opinion that it would create damaging barriers to trade and the movement of objects across borders.


Gold: A safe haven for 2019?

21 December 2018

"In 2018 we have not seen a great deal of movement in the price of gold and silver, but things could change considerably as we move into 2019," says precious metals dealer Michael Bloomstein of Brighton.

EU in Brussels

No deal Brexit has “grave risks” for European art and antiques sector, warns trade body

29 October 2018

The UK government’s Brexit documents reveal that in the event of a no-deal with the European Union it will not be aligned with EU regulations on cross-border trade for cultural property.

Keep calm on Brexit, say trade associations

03 September 2018

Trade bodies are urging the art and antiques sector not to panic following the announcement that the government is preparing for a ‘no-deal Brexit’.

Dominic Raab.

UK government to hire more than a thousand Border Force workers in preparation for possibility of ‘no deal’ Brexit

23 August 2018

Brexit minister Dominic Raab revealed the government has hired an extra 300 staff for the Home Office’s Border Force ready for the UK’s exit from the European Union and will recruit another 1000 “ready to deal with any increase in work”.

New culture minister urged to introduce digital export licences

16 July 2018

New culture minister Jeremy Wright, appointed after a Cabinet reshuffle prompted by the resignation of David Davis and Boris Johnson, is being asked to prioritise the introduction of digital export licences for art works in time for Brexit.

Freya Simms

Freya Simms steps into top LAPADA role: "I'll ensure dealers are in a strong place with Brexit and the ivory ban looming"

30 April 2018

Former Olympia fair organiser and art market PR will head the dealer association, after the sudden departure of the previous chief.

30 Euston Square

Brexit and the ivory consultation in focus at valuation conference at RICS

02 March 2018

The impact on the art market of Brexit, the ivory consultation and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were the focus for art and antiques specialists attending the RICS Valuation Conference yesterday.


Fellows boss Stephen Whittaker on auctioneers' challenges including Brexit

19 February 2018

Fellows boss Stephen Whittaker on where growth lies despite Brexit and other challenges


Art award launched to protect creative economy after Brexit

29 January 2018

A new competition for the creative industries was launched this month in response to Brexit.

Helen Brocklebank

Learn from luxury goods, says LAPADA

15 January 2018

How art and antiques can learn from the world of luxury goods and take advantage of Brexit will be the focus of the LAPADA Conference next month.


Fakes vex us more than Brexit say readers

02 January 2018

Buyer’s premium and a proliferation of fakes in the art and antiques world are the biggest concerns for the trade, ahead of Brexit issues or regulation, according to the latest ATG reader survey.


Key moments of the year - ivory, advertising standards, closure of CSK, Brexit, fakes and more

18 December 2017

Punctuated by moments of real drama, the past 12 months have been as lively as any other in recent memory for the art and antiques trade. Here, ATG journalists analyse some of the high points and challenges


Triple-A relaunches for ‘post-Brexit world’

18 September 2017

The group of regional auctioneers known as The Association of Accredited Auctioneers (AAA) has relaunched as an organisation to promote business and pool resources in the face of “a post-Brexit world and a rapidly changing market”.


Experts outline Brexit trade risk

11 September 2017

Lawyers and accountants have drawn up documents laying out the issues facing the art and antiques trade to inform government as it negotiates the terms of Brexit.

Death of Artist’s Resale Right ‘is exaggerated’, lawyer says

11 September 2017

Artist’s Resale Right, the royalty payable by a buyer to an artist or an artist’s estate for a painting resold for €1000 or more, is likely to be adopted by the UK along with other EU laws after Brexit.

EU art market post-Brexit

Customs delays after Brexit could be major blow for art market

06 September 2017

Brexit could give the opportunity for advantageous changes to the VAT system for the UK art and antiques trade, delegates of The Art Business Conference heard today. But any benefits could be outweighed by huge customs delays.

Art Business Conference 2017: Brexit and its likely effects set to dominate agenda

08 August 2017

The impact on the art market of the UK's withdrawal from the EU is likely to be the key talking point at this year’s Art Business Conference on September 6 in London.

Anthony Browne BAMF

BAMF chief: ‘We’re gathering data to make EU-national hiring case to government’

01 August 2017

Art market leaders are gathering facts and figures on the sector’s need to retain and hire staff from the EU after Brexit to present to the Home Office.


INSURANCE: Steps buyers and sellers can take in a business fraught with risks

17 July 2017

The business of trading in art and antiques is fraught with risks. With the added complexity of Brexit looming, ATG outlines the insurance steps buyers and sellers can take...


INSURANCE: Get ready for Brexit realities

17 July 2017

The UK and European Union now face an uncertain future, with cross-border controls a key concern for exporters and importers as politicians debate memberships of the single market and customs union. What does this mean for the art market and its insurance needs?