Auctioneers Figures

Results and statistics indicating the performance of UK and international auction houses.

Sotheby’s batten down hatches after third-quarter losses

10 November 2008

GUARANTEES slashed, costs to follow. That’s the message from Sotheby’s as they announce third quarter losses of $46.2m. And consignors will have to be more realistic about the deals they can secure and their expectations at auction in future.


Sotheby’s figures show reliance on contemporary art

11 August 2008

SOTHEBY’S dependence on the contemporary art market could hardly be clearer than in their latest set of figures.

Christie’s first half sales at £1.8bn

21 July 2008

CHRISTIE’S have announced sales of £1.8bn ($3.5bn) for the first half of 2008, a ten per cent increase on the same period last year.

Sotheby’s make gains but decide to up their premium

19 May 2008

CONTEMPORARY art may still be heading skywards, but the imminent buyer’s premium rate increases – and Sotheby’s latest set of results – show that pressure at the margins is as intense as ever.

Sotheby’s set $6.2bn sales total

03 March 2008

SOTHEBY’S have closed the gap between themselves and Christie’s on worldwide sales in 2007, announcing a record $6.2bn of consoldiated sales to Christie’s $6.3bn.

Stamps boost Spink’s status

18 February 2008

Spink, the specialist London coin and stamp auctioneers, have announced auction revenues of £23.8m including premium for 2007.

Phillips de Pury double turnover in 2007

05 February 2008

PHILLIPS de Pury more than doubled their auction sales total thanks to the booming market for contemporary art and their increasing presence in London.

Bloomsbury report £20.4m total for 2007

05 February 2008

THE effect of their new salerooms in Rome and New York saw London book specialists Bloomsbury Auctions post a hammer total of £20.4m for 2007.

Sotheby’s report $6.2bn in sales

28 January 2008

SOTHEBY’S have released interim headline sales figures for 2007, which show worldwide auction totals up 44 per cent on 2006 at $5.4bn.

Wine sales enjoy a vintage year at last

28 January 2008

CHRISTIE’S have maintained their lead over their rivals in wine sales thanks mainly to strong totals posted in Europe.

Christie’s 2007 sales exceed £3 billion

21 January 2008

Christie’s have confirmed their position as the art market’s biggest business, announcing 2007 premium inclusive sales of £3.1bn ($6.3bn).

Bonhams post £27.9m regional sales in 2007

21 January 2008

‘Best ever’ year with $600m global sales

Adams top the Dublin totals

14 January 2008

Adams of Dublin were once again top of the Irish rooms posting a €19.4m (£14.6m) hammer turnover for 2007.

Top provincial rooms build average lot values in 2007

14 January 2008

Prize lots boost smaller salerooms

Sotheby’s double Paris sales total

09 January 2008

For the first time, a trio of auction firms pulled clear of the field in Paris in 2007.

Sotheby’s tighten grip on key staff

20 November 2006

Sotheby’s have revised employee incentive packages in a move that should help stabilise costs and prevent key staff from being poached by rivals.

Lyon and Turnbull post record sales of £8.8m

04 September 2006

Lyon and Turnbull have announced a record turnover of almost £9m for their latest year of trading.

Sotheby’s announce record profits as Christie’s top $2bn in sales for 2006 so far

07 August 2006

Higher charges and a more sophisticated system of auction guarantees have helped Sotheby’s reap record profits for the second quarter of 2006, doubling profits for the first half of the year compared to 2005.

That’ll be the Dray – Paris boost for Christie’s

25 July 2006

The power of one major collection to transform an auction company’s figures was dramatically shown this month when Christie’s France announced sales figures of €122.8m (including premiums) for the first half of 2006.

Higher commissions help Sotheby’s to 30% revenue rise in first quarter of 2006

15 May 2006

SOTHEBY’S have recorded a 30 per cent rise in first quarter revenues from 2005, with the 2006 total coming in at $96m.