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Tighten rules on trade in rhino horn says antiques dealer group BADA

08 October 2018

Dealer body BADA have called for a tougher stance in the run-up to wildlife conference.

Ivory ban law not expected until spring 2019

08 October 2018

Collectors and sellers of antique ivory are being told that the ivory ban is unlikely to become law before spring 2019, a longer lead-time than originally thought.

ATG letter: We should support ivory petition, not dismiss it

10 September 2018

MADAM – I read the letter from Gavin Littaur (ATG No 2355, August 25) and the letter of the previous edition from Nick Silver (ATG no 2354, August 18) with more than a little puzzlement.


Ivory ban ‘is a purely opportunistic move’

09 July 2018

MADAM – I write in support of the views expressed in BADA chairman Michael Cohen’s letter (ATG No 2349), written in response to another letter supporting the ban (ATG No 2348).


Government to consult on extending ivory ban to more species

04 July 2018

The near-total ivory ban is expected to be extended to cover other ivory bearing species such as hippos, walruses and narwhals after the government announced it will hold a consultation.


Government launches bill for “one of the toughest bans on ivory sales in the world”

23 May 2018

The government will launch its Ivory Bill in parliament today in a move that environment secretary Michael Gove described as “one of the toughest bans on ivory sales in the world”.


Ivory sales ban launched in UK by Environment Secretary Michael Gove

03 April 2018

An ivory sales ban has been launched by the UK government including a number of exemptions for certain items containing ivory.

Ivory debate

Expert panel discusses controversial ivory trade ban at The Courtauld Institute

26 March 2018

How an ivory ban proposed by government will actually work is the focus for the art market, according to a panel of experts at The Courtauld Institute.


House of Lords set for ivory trade debate

20 December 2017

A debate over the government-proposed ivory trade ban in the UK will be heard in the House of Lords this week ahead of the closure of the government consultation on the topic on December 29.


Ivory - Final thoughts at one to midnight

20 November 2017

MADAM – Four years ago I was told by other dealers and auctioneers there was nothing to worry about in regards to a ban on antique ivory.

Auction houses probed in report by elephant ivory pressure group

23 October 2017

A new report into the sale of ivory at UK auctions claims to have found “widespread flouting of the law by many auction houses”.


Government begins ivory trade consultation

06 October 2017

The long-awaited government consultation on the trade in ivory in the UK is to be launched.


Gove promises to tackle illegal ivory trade in first speech as environment minister

21 July 2017

Michael Gove MP gave his first speech as environment minister today and has vowed to tackle the illegal ivory trade. However, he made no reference to a total ban on ivory.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says government will introduce an “all-out ban” on ivory in the UK

12 July 2017

The prospect of a total ban on the trade in ivory re-emerged this week after foreign secretary Boris Johnson said the government has “a commitment to an all-out ban on the sale of ivory in this country, and that is what we intend to pursue”.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong ivory ban bill makes exceptions for antique objects

10 July 2017

Hong Kong’s bill to ban the domestic ivory trade does allow for the trade in antiques containing ivory, it has emerged.


Anti-ivory trade campaign group Action for Elephants descends on Olympia fair

03 July 2017

An action group that campaigns for the protection of elephants staged a protest against the trade in antique ivory outside Art & Antiques Fair Olympia, on Saturday afternoon (July 1).


Anti-ivory trade campaign group Action for Elephants plans protest at Olympia fair

24 June 2017

An action group that campaigns against modern ivory poaching is to stage a protest against the trade in antique ivory at the Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia, on 1 July.

Lawmakers: leave certification of solid ivory objects to the specialists

05 April 2017

MADAM – I write for the purposes of maintaining the trade in general, and in advance of knowing the provisions in the forthcoming law regulating the UK ivory trade (which can only act to the detriment of the trade and do nothing to save the elephant). The law could consider the separation of items solely made of ivory from those that contain ivory as a constituent part.

tea set

Mayfair Gallery loses fight for return of seized Qing dynasty silver tea set with ivory

04 April 2017

A judge in London has ruled against a London gallery over the seizure of a Chinese silver tea set dating from the Qing dynasty containing a tiny amount of ivory.

Guidance as all rosewood joins CITES list

18 March 2017

European CITES management authorities published a nine-page guidance report last week following a decision to protect all species of rosewood.