Fakes and forgeries

EBay call on antiques industry to help them beat counterfeits

08 June 2009

EBAY UK have launched a new anti-counterfeit campaign and want to work closely with the antiques industry to beat the fakers.

French court turns in favour of eBay over fakes

26 May 2009

THE tide has turned in favour of eBay in the legal war over the sale of counterfeit goods on their site after a French court backed them against L’Oreal.

Detectorist jailed over coins fraud

26 May 2009

A metal detector enthusiast who pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud has been jailed for six months for selling modern fakes.


Ashley-Russell’s fake punches are published

30 March 2009

Six months after the most significant hallmarking deception case in living memory, the Assay Office has published a guide detailing many of the Peter Ashley-Russell fakes and forgeries. The document is available to download for free at


Dealer duped in fake Lowry case

16 March 2009

DAVID Smith of Neptune Fine Art, the dealer who was duped into buying a fake Lowry painting, has told ATG that potential buyers should be exceptionally careful when considering purchasing a Lowry painting.


New Troika fakes emerge on eBay

26 January 2009

Readers are being urged to be aware of a new batch of counterfeit Troika wares that are being offered for sale on eBay.


Fresh alert over fake Lenkiewicz paintings

20 October 2008

The Lenkiewicz Foundation have exposed two fake Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002) portraits after they were seen advertised for sale on a dealer's website. The dealer immediately withdrew the two paintings, a self-portrait and Study of Lisa Stokes, once contacted by the foundation.


Biggest silver forger in decades brought to justice

06 October 2008

Following a successful conclusion to one of the largest cases of its type in years, a serial forger has been jailed for the faking and forging of antique silver flatware. Here ATG publish material accumulated during the investigation in an attempt to minimise the impact of the fakes on the spoon market.


Lyon and Twinam case

06 October 2008


Louis Wain cats are withdrawn from auction

29 September 2008

The volume of artist Louis Wain’s distinctive ceramic animals making a sudden appearance on the market has raised the possibility that some could be reproductions or fakes. Seven have been offered at various UK salerooms in the last month, while two suspect examples have already been pulled from a Bonhams sale.

Specialist’s guide to spotting Leach and Rie fakes after court case

06 May 2008

Ceramics specialist Ben Williams, who exposed studio pottery forger Jeremy Broadway, has drawn up a guide of how to spot fakes that have still not been traced.

Seven charged in vast international fake prints fraud

02 April 2008

Three Europeans and four Americans have been charged following the breaking of two international rings involved in the manufacture and distribution of fake 20th century prints.


Beware of fake cottage inkwells

03 March 2008

Bottle specialists BBR have quickly uncovered what looks like a scam involving fake coloured ‘Chandler’ cottage inkwells.


It was Bonhams and ATG columnist who first raised alarm over Greenhalgh fakes

03 December 2007

THE British Museum were credited with uncovering the fraud that led to the jailing of serial faker Shaun Greenhalgh two weeks ago, while auction houses and the trade were criticised for selling his work.

Software that can profile an artists and identify fakes

14 May 2007

A UNITED States university professor has developed a computer program that he believes can identify fake paintings.

Silver fakes and forgeries seminar takes to the road

10 April 2007

The London Assay Office is hosting two seminars on detecting fakes and forgeries in antique silver on Friday, June 15 at Goldsmiths’ Hall, London and Friday, June 22 at Goldsmiths’ Hall, Edinburgh.

Writ throws spotlight on murky world of fake vintage wines

19 March 2007

THE spotlight turned onto the vintage wine market last week after reports emerged concerning the sale of fake bottles. Media speculation has followed the launch of an FBI investigation into whether sellers knowingly sold counterfeit wines for up to $100,000 a bottle despite doubts about their authenticity.


Rowlandson fakes revealed

29 January 2007

Pictured here is a prime example of the work of the as-yet unmasked Rowlandson faker who has been very active over the last two or three years, placing his forgeries in several high-profile country auction rooms.

Police stage V&A fakes show

23 October 2006

SCOTLAND Yard’s Art and Antiques Unit are staging an exhibition at the V&A to raise awareness among museums, galleries and art dealers of the problem of fakes in London.