Ivory regulation

ATG letter: Legal case over ivory ban is too late now

14 May 2018

MADAM – John Lewis’ letter (ATG No 2341) in which the chairman of the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association reveals he is seeking counsel’s opinion, in respect of a legal challenge to the proposed ivory trade ban, raises three key questions:

Stakeholders consider legal action on ivory

07 May 2018

Trade bodies whose members will be affected by the government’s plan for a near-total UK ban on the sale of ivory are seeking legal advice on challenging the proposals before they become law.


ATG letter: Why museum ivory fears are misguided

07 May 2018

MADAM – Michael Baggott’s recent letter about the potential adverse impact of the ivory sales ban on the display of ivory pieces by museums is, with respect, misguided.

ATG letter: Join us in ivory trade ban legal challenge

07 May 2018

MADAM – The Public Monuments & Sculpture Association shares many of the concerns which have been expressed in your letters pages since the last statements from Defra on the ivory issue.

ATG letter: Target the poachers instead

07 May 2018

MADAM – I have been dealing in Oriental antiques for almost 50 years and have been a supporter of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) for most of this time.


ATG letter: Please exempt ivory sewing tools from any ban

30 April 2018

MADAM – I am sending you a photo of some small sewing tools in carved ivory, made c.1840.

ATG letter: UK ivory trade ban will harm market world leader status

30 April 2018

MADAM – We are all devastated at what is being proposed by the government in relation to ivory.

New York courthouse

New York trade takes state’s ivory ban to court

23 April 2018

A New York law banning the sale of antique ivory has been challenged in court by two leading US antiques dealers associations.

ATG letter: We need class action on ivory

23 April 2018

MADAM – Thank you for printing my previous correspondence (ATG No 2337). If I thought that a ban on pre-1947 ivory would stop the death of 50 elephants I would stop writing.

ATG letter: No compensation after ivory ban comes into effect

23 April 2018

MADAM – The government’s ill-conceived attack on antique ivory will likely mean that two pieces in my home – a 19th century Cantonese puzzle-ball chess set and my wife’s Corpus Christi acquired shortly after our marriage 50 years ago – now have no value in probate.

ATG letter: Potential consequences of the ivory ban – for museums

23 April 2018

MADAM – Last year readers may recall a Victorian presentation ‘ivory tusk’ dinner gong was removed from display in one of the Royal Collection exhibitions.


No rolling 100-year date for ivory ban

16 April 2018

BADA has clarified a key element of the government’s proposals for a near-complete ivory ban – the stipulation that all items qualifying for the ‘rarest and most important of its type’ and portrait miniature exemptions must be 100 years old.

De minimis exemption becomes the new battleground in antique ivory sales ban

09 April 2018

The art and antiques trade is calling on the government to re-think its planned restrictions on the sale of antique items containing small amounts of elephant ivory.


IVORY BAN – industry leaders react: “We will draw the government’s attention to the ban’s inconsistencies”

03 April 2018

An idea that began life in 2015 with a Tory government manifesto pledge for a total ban on the UK trade in ivory has finally taken shape, though not as draconian as originally pitched and not yet set in legislative stone.


Ivory sales ban launched in UK by Environment Secretary Michael Gove

03 April 2018

An ivory sales ban has been launched by the UK government including a number of exemptions for certain items containing ivory.

DEFRA spokesman says expect response to ivory consultation ‘shortly’

02 April 2018

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) is expected to publish a response to the ivory ban consultation this month.

Ivory debate

Expert panel discusses controversial ivory trade ban at The Courtauld Institute

26 March 2018

How an ivory ban proposed by government will actually work is the focus for the art market, according to a panel of experts at The Courtauld Institute.


ATG letter: Let’s have discussion without bias on antiques ivory issue

26 March 2018

MADAM – I was open-mouthed in disbelief to see again opinion discussed as fact when the ivory issue was aired on national television (ATG No 2334).

ATG letter: Shame of early ivory purchases

26 March 2018

MADAM – I have pieces of antique elephant tusk ivory that I collected unconcerned about the (now well-known) conservation problems.


Ivory debated on the breakfast sofa

19 March 2018

Leaders of four African countries have called on the UK and the EU to ban the trade in antique ivory to help stop elephant poaching.