Legal Cases

Boris Becker

Boris Becker memorabilia auction postponed as tennis star claims diplomatic immunity

28 June 2018

The online auction of sporting memorabilia seized from bankrupt tennis star Boris Becker has been postponed. It follows Becker’s claim of diplomatic immunity as a sports attaché for an African state.

Judge rules on Fatimid ewer ownership case

25 June 2018

A long-running legal dispute over a Fatimid rock crystal ewer that had been due to sell at Sotheby’s has been settled in court.

Bristol Crown Court

Antiques Trade Gazette advert cited during trial of art robbery from Bulmer cider family's mansion

14 June 2018

A £50,000 reward advert calling for information on stolen artworks placed in 'Antiques Trade Gazette' in 2015 has been cited during the trial of those accused of the robbery of the Bulmer cider family's mansion.


Antiquities trade fears ‘long-term damage’ amid growth in legal cases in New York

11 June 2018

The Antiquities Dealers’ Association (ADA) has warned that “long-term damage is being inflicted on both the trade and museums” by the growing number of legal cases surrounding antiquities with long North American provenances.

Cardiff Crown Court

Criminals who targeted antique dealers finally jailed after 16 year crime spree

11 May 2018

Two criminals who stole more than £300,000 of jewellery and antiques by targeting antiques dealers at their homes have been sentenced to six years and two months’ imprisonment each.

Mokhtar sculpture.jpg

Sotheby's to 'vigorously defend' sale of famous Egyptian bronze in court case

01 May 2018

Sotheby’s is involved in a court case surrounding the dating of a bronze sold at auction two years ago.

Mossgreen in Melbourne

BDO report hits out at Mossgreen management

30 April 2018

The administrator BDO’s report into the collapse of Mossgreen has recommended that the Australian auction house’s former management be investigated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) over possible criminal activities.


Mossgreen consignors free to collect goods without facing charges from administrator BDO

25 April 2018

The administrator to collapsed Australian auction house Mossgreen has lost a court case over fees which means goods can be returned to their rightful owners without fees being due.


Administrators ‘wrong to charge Mossgreen consignors for returns’

16 April 2018

Consignors to collapsed Australian auction house Mossgreen will not have to pay fees to have items returned, a Sydney court has ruled.


London art dealer named in a $50m New York money laundering case involving Picasso painting

05 March 2018

A London art dealer has been named in a $50m securities fraud and money-laundering court case in New York following a sting led by an undercover FBI agent.


Handbags at dawn: Dispute between Christie’s and Heritage Auctions over three handbag specialists heads to US court

23 February 2018

A dispute between Dallas-based Heritage Auctions and Christie’s over the employment of Matthew Rubinger and two colleagues is heading to a US court.


Tetbury antiques dealer convicted of burglary of local jeweller

30 January 2018

A Tetbury antiques dealer and his father have been convicted for a burglary of a jewellery shop in Gloucestershire.

Dmitry Rybolovlev

Sotheby’s to “vigorously challenge” Russian billionaire over legal action in UK

22 January 2018

Sotheby’s have said they will “vigorously challenge” any attempt by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev to bring a claim against it in the UK.


High Court rules in favour of Simon de Pury over ‘gentleman’s agreement’

22 January 2018

A precedent-setting legal dispute over a $10m (£7.2m) fee relating to the 2014 sale of a $210m Paul Gauguin painting has been won by auctioneer turned art adviser Simon de Pury.


Soapbox: Are gentlemen’s agreements still valid in the art world?

22 January 2018

A precedent-setting legal dispute over a $10m (£7.2m) fee relating to the 2014 sale of a $210m Paul Gauguin painting was won by auctioneer-turned-art adviser Simon de Pury last week, despite him only having a gentleman’s agreement. We ask whether such agreements are still valid in today's art market?

De Pury

Simon de Pury wins $10m court case over 'gentleman's agreement’ for $210m Gauguin painting

16 January 2018

Auctioneer turned art advisor Simon de Pury has won his court case over the payment of a $10m fee.


Cannons from a 17th century English warship return to UK for Southend museum

15 December 2017

Recovered from a US buyer, three historic cannons are returning to Southend for a new exhibition.

Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi

Feud between previous owners of $450m Leonardo could head to UK courts

24 November 2017

The ongoing legal dispute between Dmitry Rybolovlev, the vendor of Leonardo’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ which sold this month for $450m at Christie’s New York, and the Swiss businessman Yves Bouvier from whom he acquired it may be heading to the UK courts.


Multi-million-pound collection of manuscripts from the scandal-hit Aristophil to be auctioned in Paris

16 November 2017

A huge collection of manuscripts from investment scheme Aristophil will finally be resold in Paris after a two-year wait.

Brum court

Antique firearms dealer guilty of supplying weapons and handcrafted bullets to gangland criminals

15 November 2017

The conviction of a firearms dealer from Gloucestershire has highlighted the problem of antique weapons being adapted for criminal use.