Looted Antiquities

BAMF help trade avoid blight under anti-looting Act

07 July 2003

LAST-minute efforts to persuade the Government to amend legislation that could prove damaging to the honest trade in antiques looked set to pay off as the Antiques Trade Gazette went to press.

Anti-looting Bill will bring in due diligence by the back door

20 May 2003

DUE diligence will effectively become a legal obligation when the Bill aimed at clamping down on the illicit trade in cultural objects becomes law.

Italian amnesty may leave lost antiquities with those who hold them illegally

29 April 2003

ART collectors in Italy in possession of illegally acquired antiquities may now be able to come clean to the authorities and keep the works concerned.

Cambridge experts set out plan for saving Iraqi artefacts

29 April 2003

The Illicit Antiquities Research Centre at Cambridge University have set out a list of short- and long-term objectives to help restore works to the museums of Iraq.

Iraq antiquities crisis revives call for UK stolen art database

22 April 2003

AS the antiquities trade brace themselves to cope with the fall-out of the mass looting of artefacts in Iraq, a UK stolen art database takes centre stage once more. Trade organisations in Britain and around the world have acted immediately to ensure members follow guidelines that will prevent any dealing in pieces that may have been looted during the recent Iraq war.

Egyptians try to reverse sale over clause on profit

12 November 2002

Antiquities dealers could find their trade in legally exported artefacts threatened despite due diligence if the Egyptian government succeeds in reversing Sotheby’s sale of a granite bust of Ramses II.

Art Fund joins battle against trade in illicit art

08 May 2002

THE National Art Collections Fund has announced that it is tightening its rules on grant giving in a bid to prevent museums from inadvertently acquiring stolen art.

Schultz found guilty in antiquities case

18 February 2002

The conviction of New York antiquities dealer Frederick Schultz on charges of conspiracy and trading in stolen and smuggled artefacts has sent shockwaves through the trade.

Ruling a major blow to US antiquities trade

21 January 2002

A court decision to proceed with a case against a member of the trade is expected to deal a major blow to the United States’ antiquities business.

French museums face Nazi looted art challenge

20 February 2001

FRANCE: Three French museums have become embroiled in legal controversy after harbouring works of art looted from their original owners during the Nazi occupation of France during the Second World War.

Nazi shadow falls over three French museums

01 January 2001

FRANCE: THREE French museums have become embroiled in legal controversy after harbouring works of art looted from their original owners during the Nazi occupation of France during World War II.

MPs report to Arts Minister on trade regulation

07 August 2000

UK: THE Culture Select Committee investigating the illicit trade of cultural goods has stopped short of demanding tough legislation that might inadvertently harm legitimate business.

Nazi loot case – Trade caught in the crossfire

04 October 1999

FRANCE: THE French government is to prosecute New York art dealer Adam Williams for handling stolen goods after a painting he bought at Christie’s in London turned out to be Nazi looted art. A successful prosecution could have serious repercussions for the Trade.