A sweetheart brooch to give you wings

21 August 2017

In the days when loved ones in the armed forces would head abroad on service for up to several years, not knowing when or if they would return, ‘sweetheart’ brooches were a way of remembering them.


Behind the scenes at Fake or Fortune?

14 August 2017

The BBC’s hit series Fake or Fortune? returns to our screens on Sunday August 20. ATG's Laura Chesters went behind the scenes for insight into the making of the show and to ask why the trade should tune in.


The cut and thrust of the market

07 August 2017

As weapons of war, swords have an impressively long history, as demonstrated by recent auctions around the world. From two £11,000 Viking swords at Bonhams in London to General Patton’s 1945 presentation sabre at Hermann Historica (€54,000/£47,370), there were centuries of warfaring history on view, including blades from Japan, Korea and Greece.


American presentation blades mark contrasting careers

07 August 2017

Two American presentation swords, marking high points in two very different military careers, made their mark in recent sales.


Cased pistols – defending the honour of the market

07 August 2017

Cased pairs of pistols remain a particular favourite with collectors, being relatively compact and often in excellent condition after centuries cocooned in their brass-bound mahogany boxes.


Sporting guns catch the imagination of bidders

07 August 2017

Sporting guns are a little different from other areas of the arms and armour market in that many that are well over 100 years old are still in use today.


Pennsylvania's Morphy Auctions appoint firearms expert

07 August 2017

Russ Withem has joined Morphy Auctions as a firearms expert in the company’s firearms and militaria division.


Zettler glass added to Del Mar’s specialist armory

07 August 2017

Thomas Del Mar (24% buyer’s premium) sold the first instalment of de-accessioned arms and armour from the John Woodman Higgins Museum in Massachusetts back in 2013 and a second in 2014.


The longarm of the war – a rare £5700 Baker

07 August 2017

The pick of a good selection of military muskets and rifles in Anthony Cribb’s (20% buyer’s premium) sale in Abingdon on June 27 was a relatively rare example of the Baker rifle issued to British rifle regiments from the beginning of the 19th century until the 1830s.


Armour as art – auctions aim for wider audience

07 August 2017

For many years auctioneers have been itching to move the finest arms and armour from the province of the specialist collector and establish them with a wider audience as works of art in their own right.


In Pictures: A rousing farewell to CSK

24 July 2017

The farewell party for Christie’s South Kensington, around the corner from Old Brompton Road at The Kensington Hotel on July 19, was a melee of former staff, clients and friends of the auction house. So packed was the room, moving from one end to the other was tricky.


Christie’s South Kensington – the final curtain call

24 July 2017

With the disappearance of Christie’s South Kensington the London market is in a state of flux. ATG looks to the future and considers the opportunities for the firms that seek to take its place.

Filling the CSK vacuum: what we know so far

24 July 2017

The closure of Christie's South Kensington has meant several firms are vying to gain a slice of the market in one of London's wealthiest area as well as draw the specialist staff who are moving on.

CSK: Fond farewell to an early favourite

24 July 2017

I grew up with Christie’s South Kensington. In late 1975, when I joined the fledgling four-year-old Antiques Trade Gazette, CSK was in its first year of existence.


CSK: the milestone moments

24 July 2017

Landmarks along the Christie’s South Kensington memory lane...


Interview with Nic McElhatton: CSK chairman’s pride in the legacy

24 July 2017

Christie’s veteran Nic McElhatton believes the CSK model will be hard to replicate...


Roseberys puts faith in CSK talent

24 July 2017

South London auctioneer seizes chance to hire specialists as it looks to plug gaps in its offer...

And finally… Christie’s South Kensington in Quotes…

24 July 2017

ATG's selection of quotes about the closure of Christie’s South Kensington...


INSURANCE: Steps buyers and sellers can take in a business fraught with risks

17 July 2017

The business of trading in art and antiques is fraught with risks. With the added complexity of Brexit looming, ATG outlines the insurance steps buyers and sellers can take...


INSURANCE: Get ready for Brexit realities

17 July 2017

The UK and European Union now face an uncertain future, with cross-border controls a key concern for exporters and importers as politicians debate memberships of the single market and customs union. What does this mean for the art market and its insurance needs?