General Patton’s sword referenced in ATG’s recent militaria feature.

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The US Army’s Model 1913 cavalry sword, or Patton Saber (sic), was in fact based on the design of the British 1908 Cavalry Pattern sword. This was described as the best cavalry sword ever, though when shown to King George V, he commented that it was very ugly.

A DSO was offered to the first officer to kill a German with this sword in 1914. This was achieved by Captain Grenfell of the King’s Dragoon Guards early in the war.

It was a point weapon, used somewhat similarly as a lance. The French heavy cavalry cuirassier sword or the Household Cavalry 1898 pattern sword were mainly cutting weapons. It was said that a 6ft mounted Household Cavalryman could cut his adversary from chin to chine with one blow! (War is a horrid thing.)

Simon Waters