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A sale of whisky at McTear’s in Glasgow on December 15 includes a 75cl bottle of 1937 Strathisla.

Strathisla is a key component of the Chivas Regal blend, with pre-Second World War bottlings rare at auction.

Estimate £1500-2000.

Pictured above is one of just 200 silver and ferrous metal lighters presented by the Wireless Telegraph company Marconi to the delegates of a conference held in the immediate aftermath of the Titanic disaster.

The conference, which took place in London in 1912, featured the signing of the international convention that allowed the exchange of radio telegraphs between countries.

The piece is modelled as Marconi’s breakthrough Disc Discharger, the first means of producing musical notes in the transmission of wireless telegrams. It comes in an original box and is estimated at £500-700 at Mellors & Kirk on November 29-30 in Nottingham. or see this item on

“Sherlock has become very lazy and I am very stupid so that I am afraid there will not be very many more stories about the strange things that he has done,” wrote the author Arthur Conan Doyle in this letter.

He was responding to a query regarding his famous detective, written by a fan of the books, Ruby Paulson.

Conan Doyle also writes: “I showed him your letter and he said that your signature showed him that your father was about 45 years of age, that your hair was brown, and that you were a clever little girl with a turn for everything except mathematics. That was what he said, but he smokes too much and has been getting quite muddled lately.”

The letter is guided at £700-900 in Lawrences of Crewkerne’s Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Photography sale on December 8 in Somerset. or see this item on

A comprehensive run of TV Century 21, the weekly British children’s comic, is a stand-out lot in Comic Book Auctions’ sale on December 3.

Published during the latter half of the 1960s, TV Century 21 promoted the many science-fiction television series created by the Century 21 Productions company. The comic was published in the style of a newspaper of the future, with the front page usually dedicated to fictional news stories set in the worlds of Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, the Mysterons and other stories, with illustrations done by some of the great comic artists of the day.

In a single lot guided at £900-1400, the comics run from 1-157, and include the No 1 issue with a free gift special agent membership card and all six TV 21 specials and extras. or see this item on