Child’s plate marked 'The Great Performer of the Adelphi', commemorating the famous performing elephant Mademoiselle D’Jeck. It is priced at £75 from Robert Pugh at the Towy Events’ fair on December 28.

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The jumbo in question, Mademoiselle D’Jeck, performed all over the world, first creating a sensation in July 1829 in Paris, where she appeared at the Cirque Olympique in a performance entitled L’éléphant du Roi de Siam.

She drew admiring crowds at the Adelphi Theatre in London before travelling around England.

Body and a trunk

In 1830, as Mademoiselle D’Jeck was on a road journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle, where she was booked to appear at the town’s Theatre Royal, accounts report that her keeper, Jean Baptiste, struck her with a harpoon-like stick.

D’Jeck retaliated and crushed Baptiste to death in her stall. Weirdly, the elephant was charged with her murder, put on trial and let off with a fine of five shillings (25p).

“Weirdly, the elephant was charged with her murder,put on trial and let off with a fine of fiveshillings (25p)

Dealer Robert Pugh, Towy Events’ organiser, will be offering the plate for £75 at the fair held at the Carmarthen Showground in Wales on Thursday, December 28.

The plate has its title The Great Performer of the Adelphi.

Pugh says: “The poor elephant was forced to flee the country amid fears the court might change its mind. Forgotten by a public that had once revered her, Mademoiselle D’Jeck ended her days in Geneva in 1837.”

There will be lighter ceramic touches at the 200-stand antiques and fleamarket which traditionally has a focus on Welsh collectables.