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She is based in Lincolnshire and, as well as exhibiting at fairs, she trades from Hemswell Antique Centres near Gainsborough and Drill Hall Antiques in Horncastle, both in Lincolnshire.


1. How did you get your start?

I was working in an antiques centre and was given the opportunity to rent a cabinet when the manager, Pamela Goodwin, opened her own shop in Tunbridge Wells. She taught me so much, and is still a great friend and antiques-hunting companion.

2. Fairs, shops or online?

I like shops but to get enough people through the door it has to be fairs. The internet is here to stay and has its place but online it is not as easy to build relationships with customers. I find face to face is better.

3. Biggest threat to the market at the moment?

Knee-jerk reactions – the ivory issue is a good example. There is talk of a total ban which seems foolhardy as when something is banned its value often increases, thus making poaching in this instance more profitable.

I wholeheartedly support a ban on post-1947 ivory but destroying antique works of art (which has been mentioned in some places) won’t bring the elephants back.

4. An object you’ve never forgotten?

An amazing brass cotton reel stand (pictured right), totally over the top but gorgeous. Wish I still had it. I sold it the first time I had it on sale and I’d buy it back in an instant if I had the chance.

5. Real ale or espresso martini?

Doom Bar at lunchtime in the pub, Côtes du Rhône in the evenings

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