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Mr Johnson says he sees plenty of 30 year olds with houses and money to spend, but in most of England they are only able to start thinking about buying until they are past 30. They are pre-occupied with their careers and family, hence the delay to later life of any involvement in collectables, whatever the interest.

This situation applies in a varying degree to the whole of the south of England, and therefore the majority of the population, hence the lack of time and money and therefore active interest until later life.

There are vast regional differences and financial circumstances. In Brighton and Hove we have the highest density of population in the UK and for many, unaffordable house prices. Brighton used to be a hotspot for antique dealers but now there are virtually none. This is not because of lack of young blood, but is entirely due to unaffordable rent and rates.

The world is constantly changing and it is a case of adapt or die.

John Trory

Via email