Christie’s South Kensington, will close its doors on July 29.

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Earlier than expected, CSK will hold its final sale in mid July and will close its doors on July 29.

The saleroom now has just a handful of ‘live’ events left on the calendar with a final interiors sale scheduled for July 19.

When the firm announced its restructuring plans in March, it said the saleroom on Old Brompton Road would close “by the end of the year”.

However, Orlando Rock told ATG it had “made sense to finish at the end of a season”.

A concerted effort is now under way to prepare the site for closure, with a significant issue being the removal of unsold items or those held in storage.

Consignments or purchases that have not been picked up by the end of July will be moved to facilities elsewhere in London, including the Park Royal depot or King Street.

Commemorative event

CSK chairman Nic McElhatton has been invited to take the gavel for the last session of the final sale before inviting current and former colleagues to attend a ‘commemorative’ event at the nearby Kensington Hotel.

A number of restructured departments are currently in the process of moving to King Street as Christie’s seeks to provide a single destination to collectors in London.

The firm said its flagship premises will now offer a broader range of sales at a wider range of price levels, supplemented by an increased online-only offering.

“Of those facing redundancy, around 40% have been redeployed at Christie’s

Christie’s added that all departments will transfer in some capacity and said positions had been found for just under half of staff threatened by redundancy proceedings.

“We have managed to secure a significant proportion of staff from CSK, with many transferring directly into roles at King Street,” said Rock. “Of those facing redundancy, around 40% have been redeployed at Christie’s.”

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