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Several of these have directly linked to the event, not least the Met. It hosts AWNY’s main ticket-only reception (on March 13), holds the annual lecture on south and south-east Asian Art, Durga, the all powerful in Eastern India on opening night and has its own roster of eight Asian exhibitions that run through 2017.

But 15 other museums and cultural institutions are also involved.

These include the Tibet House on West 15th Street, an educational institution and cultural centre devoted to the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet.

It opens its exhibition Tibetan Tangkas Today, devoted to the thangkas of modern master artist and thangka painter Karsang Lama, from the Dharmapala Thangka Center of Kathmandu in Nepal, on March 10, with an evening reception (the show runs until May 11).

The Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea on West 17th street is a cultural hub focusing on the Himalayan regions via exhibitions, films, concerts and other programmes.

For AWNY it is holding a ticket-only evening reception on March 16. Visitors can combine cocktails and canapés with a view of current exhibitions including a final tour of Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual, which closes on March 27. This uses loan exhibits and its own collections to examine the country’s rituals, festivals and seasons. This 2ft x 19in 16th century painting on cloth (right), Monsoon Ritual around the Stupa (Gumla Dharma Laksha Chaitya), is one of its own holdings, a gift of Shelley and Donald Rubin.