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He will be exhibiting at Dickinson Roundell on East 66th Street with the show Dynasties and Identities: Tibeto-Chinese Buddhist Art of the 13th to 15th Centuries.

The exhibition features this mercury gilt copper alloy sculpture of Amitayus, the Buddhist deity associated with longevity. It was made in the 14th century, measures 6in (15cm) high and is priced at $125,000.



Hughes will be exhibiting at the Gallery Vallois America on East 67th Street and this fine and large Imperial archaistic hushaped vase is a highlight of his show.

With a magnificent dark blue glaze which thins to white at the rim, it carries the Qianlong six-character seal mark on the base (pictured below right) and is 18½in (47cm) high. It is priced at a low six-figure sum.

The exhibition will feature a selection of imperial ceramics including those of the Emperors Kangxi (1662- 1722) and Yongzheng (1723-35), as well as Qianlong (1735-96).

An array of Chinese works of art also features such as Tibetan gilt bronzes; an early black lacquer lobed cup-stand from the Song dynasty, 11th-13th century; bronzes, embroideries, hardstones and a group of Song, Yuan and early Ming dynasty ceramics.



Indian, Himalayan and south-east Asia specialist Carlo Cristi from Italy is taking his selection of bronzes, Thangkas, early illuminated Tibetan manuscripts and central Asian textiles to AWNY to show at the Leslie Feely Gallery of East 68th Street.

One of the highlights will be this 4ft 6in x 4ft 2in (1.37 x 1.34m) fragment from a large 8th century silk weaving or Samit from Central Asia (right).

It has a repeat motif of roundels containing birds (perhaps eagles) holding bunches of grapes with another bunch suspended from the top of the roundel, symbolism remininscent of Dionysian cults that were popular among those of the Zoroastrian religion.

The size and the nature of the border, composed of five overlapping bands of coloured silk, suggests the hanging could have a ceremonial purpose.

The price range for the exhibition will be from $9000 to $700,000.



The dealership will be at Daniel Crouch Rare Books on East 64th Street for AWNY with a display titled Littleton & Hennessy – 21 Years, a highlight retrospective looking back at the various exhibitions it has held over that time.

The show has a broad focus. Tang dynasty highlights from the important Sze Yuan Tang Collection, to coincide with the Art of the Tang Dynasty exhibition at the Asia Society NY (running till June 4), as well as imperial ceramics, jades, bronzes and lacquer.

An important section will focus on contemporary Chinese paintings, including works by Qu Lei Lei, Qin Ai and Zhu Xin Jian. Together with Huang Rui, Ai WeiWei and others, Qu Lei Lei was one of the founding members of the ‘STARS Group’, and his works can be found in museums including the V&A and the British Museum.

The painting right, Time – Generations (2007), is priced in the region of $60,000.



This delicate, 9 x 4¾in (23 x 12cm), carefully drawn Portrait of a standing Rajput nobleman from late 17th century India painted with pigments and gold on paper, will be on show at Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.

The dealership is exhibiting a selection of Indian Court paintings on East 82nd Street.

The nobleman is almost certainly Hindu and a Rajput, since he ties his jama (long coat) on the left side, under his armpit, from which hang long lappets ending in brocaded tips. He appears calm, yet he is clearly ready for action with the thumb of his right hand hooked around the handle of his katar (dagger).

It is priced in the region of £25,000.