Dealer Saxon Durrant

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1. How did you get your start? At Camden Stables Market back in its glory days in 1991 and Brighton Station Sunday market the following year when I was at university (my bedroom on campus was always full of stock!). I can’t exactly remember my first sale but it was probably an old suitcase. I did sell a lovely set of ‘50s glamour girl hi-ball glasses to Kylie Minogue in the very early days at Camden.

2. What’s the biggest challenge of selling online? These days it is getting noticed. I’ve had a website for 20 years and doing business online has changed radically in that time. The antiques trade is so visual, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are perfect tools, but there are many dealers using these. I love it, though, there’s a real sense of community which is, of course, global. It’s great seeing all this lovely fresh stock appearing on my feed every day. (See Patrick Macintosh, page 36.)

3. One change you plan to make to your business? Metroretro offers a wealth of props for hire from a collection drawn from years trading in vintage furniture. I plan to further develop the prop hire side of the business.

4. Three things you always do on a typical day? Make a ‘to do’ list; walk through the warehouse and think ‘how on earth did I end up with all this stock?’; have a look at other dealers’ new stock on Instagram.

5. Your favourite fictional depiction of the antiques trade? It has to be Lovejoy, filmed in Essex and Suffolk, so familiar surroundings. I think Ian McShane was perfect for the role. As with all these things the early episodes were the best!

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