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This fair organised by Gus Adler & Filles was set up last year on the initiative of dealers Bruno Frey, Jacques Lebrat, Laurent Dodier and Anthony Meyer together with Bruno Mory, an art dealer based in Besanceuil, southern Burgundy.

Mory hosts the show in his stone barns in the grounds of his premises where he displays his contemporary art. As founding exhibitor Meyer says: “The reason for locating the fair in the remote French countryside near the borders of Switzerland, Germany and Italy is simply a way to get in touch with what we consider to be a large proportion of collectors that do not necessarily travel on a regular basis to the main city centres of the tribal community.”

The aim, Meyer adds, is “to offer a diverse and complete range of object types from all the tribal and Asian art cultural areas and periods at all price levels”.

He says: “The exhibitors and the public have a wonderful opportunity to mix and match at the fair due to the open space set-up and the relaxed atmosphere.” 

Burgundian tastes

The event is also, of course, an opportunity to sample the other delights of southern Burgundy: fine foods and wine and its many historical attractions.

Around half the exhibitors come from France, while the rest are from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Hong Kong, with six new participants this year.

The fair is complemented, as it was last time, by a non-selling show of tribal art staged in the beautiful stone granary at the nearby Abbey of Cluny, based this year around the concept of Childhood.