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I thought your own article was comprehensive and excellent.

Some of your readers may like to be reminded, however, that when the Roadshow started, producer Robin Drake and I had to field unfriendly questions from the trade.

There was a good deal of concern that featuring experts from auction houses would damage business in antique shops.

Indeed, when we staged a media preview of the programme at BAFTA’s headquarters on Piccadilly, representatives from the antiques trade press were, to say the least, quite hostile.

As a result, for the programme’s editorial guidelines, we let it be known that statements from expert presenters such as ‘this might fetch X amount at auction’ should be balanced with ‘in an antique shop, you might expect to pay…’

Today, I don’t expect there are any such concerns. In the event, I think all areas of the trade have done quite well out of the show.

Bruce Parker

Appleshaw, Hants