London fair organiser Matthew Adams who is relaunching his Brocante and Decorative Living Show at Chelsea Town Hall in November. He is pictured at home with Potter, his Welsh terrier. Adams Antiques Fairs’ next event at the ‘Horti’ in London is on Sunday, April 15.

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Now he is turning the clock back and this year is reviving an event in Chelsea which he last held in 2005. The first relaunch date of the Brocante and Decorative Living Show at Chelsea Old Town Hall will be on Monday and Tuesday, November 19-20.

Adams will use most of the Monday for everyone to get in and set up and will have a late afternoon/ early evening preview/reception that day followed by a full day’s trading on Tuesday.

“This way I can keep costs relatively low for exhibitors which is so important,” he said.

Adams, who has also run his Frock Me vintage fashion fairs at Chelsea Town Hall for more than a decade, said: “I’ve always been a one-day fair organiser. I love the benefits of getting in and out in one day.

“It cuts down on expenses for exhibitors – no overnight hotel bills or additional van hire costs – but although that works perfectly fine for a tabletop fair, it proved too little time to get lots of furniture, statuary and general brocante into the venue.”

Perfect location

The Chelsea Town Hall has always been the perfect location, Adams added, “right in the heart of Chelsea but with little availability”.

“Once the major refurbishments are completed in the summer the town hall has availability for an extra event so I snapped up the free Monday and Tuesday they offered me,” he said. “Ever since I discontinued the brocante some 13 years ago, erstwhile exhibitors have implored me to bring it back as they loved it so.”