Troika fruit bowl by Julian Greenwood Penny. Are there others out there?

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I know from documents there were only five produced by the pottery, so am wondering where the other three are and if they are different in terms of glaze and modelling.

I’m presuming the five were possibly all produced with variations in design as the two I own – one with an extra apple and a dark glaze, the other all white – are different.

The latter includes the mark TJ1 which denotes Troika, the designer Julian Greenwood Penny (who joined in 1977) and suggests it was the first of the five made.

Also, your readers may be interested to know that only five yellow-glazed pieces were produced by the pottery: two double eggcups, two floating vases and one other ‘unknown’ piece.

I have one of the yellow floating vases but would be interested to know in what form the remaining ‘unknown’ yellow piece was produced.

I realise Troika is a niche market, but I’m hoping if you publish my questions at least one will be answered. I always enjoy ATG, so thank you for a great magazine.