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The idea of two contestants learning the trade with the help of Paul Martin is fine, but the irritating and puerile voiceover detracts from the content of the show, not to mention the frivolous incidental music playing in the background!

On the plus side, there are no recaps to fill the allocated air time, which is a fault in many other similar programmes, for example, Bargain Hunt.

Irritated! (Name supplied)


MADAM – Love the show. Spoilt by idiot voiceover man. He is rapidly making me lose the will to live and also the will to watch the programme.

Sue Woolman

Twitter comments

Paul Westbrook @WorthingAuction

Seeing lots of new faces at the auction. Looks like Make Me a Dealer is inspiring a new generation.

Tracey @anti_plasticbag

I like it. It’s better than Flog It! which was very long & drawn out. Paul Martin is a great presenter.