This tin of Horlick’s used for the 1926 Norge airship North Pole expedition sold for $1200 (£895) at Christie’s New York.

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Horlick’s was a major sponsor of the 1926 expedition in which Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, and American polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth flew from Svalbard across the Arctic to Alaska in the Norge, an airship designed by Umberto Nobile. In the previous year an attempt they made using Dornier flying boats had failed.

There is also a Horlick mountain range in Antarctica, named by Admiral Byrd in acknowledgement of the company’s sponsorship of his 1930s Antarctic explorations.

Just five years ago this well-travelled tin (above) had been sold for £1000 at Bonhams. This time the price was $1200 (£895).