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Among the highlights is a rare 18th century comb-back Windsor armchair, which went to a local buyer, as well as a pair of James I oak armchairs, once of the Welsh house Glyn Cywarch, which were bought by a new customer in Worcestershire.

The gallery’s Andrew Singleton acquired the pair of chairs at a Bonhams sale last year, but for the most part his stock is gathered from private sources. He prefers offering little-seen items and argues that sellers often favour that method too over consigning to auction.

“People like money up-front,” he asserts.

The exhibition runs from June 9-30, though objects are available to purchase from his website already. The only proviso is that they remain at the gallery for the show to give visitors a chance to admire them all together. “It used to be that I didn’t sell till the show opened but you can’t do that in the internet age,” he adds.

Smaller items

Singleton has held two annual exhibitions, in summer and winter, for many years. For this edition, he notes, there are more small items as larger ones are becoming harder to shift. But with a wide variety of works on offer, from Elizabethan to the 19th century pieces, there is still a selection of sizeable objects such as an early 18th century trestle base tavern table.

Singleton’s personal preferences unite his offerings. “It’s about colour, patination,” he says. “Regarding the Elizabethan centre table (pictured above), some people might not like it. It’s battered but untouched and I love it. That’s my taste.”