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Although he stresses that his analysis is unscientific, dealer Robert Young cautiously attributes some of that trend to displays which have emphasised the primitive influences and elements apparent in certain 20th century works.

Wide audience

His annual folk art exhibition is a chance to present outstanding pieces to a wide audience and this year the rise in popularity in this field is a reason to expect that the attending crowd will be bigger than ever.

Speaking about the market, he says that “people are still competing for the same few things but it’s all getting a little bit busier”.

Whether or not the trend will have an effect, “we like doing it,” Young says. “It’s the thing we do each year that people really come to see en masse.”

Running from May 11-19, the event brings clients old and new to the Battersea Bridge Road gallery. Those who visit to look if not to buy come too and are welcome.

Young starts collecting for the show directly after his appearance at the Masterpiece fair in the summer, assembling pieces that will work well together and “go best within the space”, showing all visitors how the objects might work in the home.

The show is accompanied by a full-colour catalogue of highlights.

For under £1000...

Priced at: £900

This c.1880 English primitive folk art doll is made of hand-carved mahogany and pine. It measures 10½in (26.5cm) tall and is offered for £900 by Robert Young.