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1 How has the market changed in your opinion?

It has become much more global and digital. A collector in Australia can build a collection of Modern British sculpture very easily now without leaving the country, just using their phone. It’s not as enjoyable, perhaps, but still possible and we have to compete with that while also running a beautiful exhibition space.

2 What is your current project?

We’re working on a stunning exhibition of Jeff Lowe’s new sculpture and prints which are full of vibrant colour and will definitely brighten up a dreary January. Jeff says he only feels cheated if he hasn’t learnt something and been surprised that day and you can see that joy and passion in his work – he is an indefatigable explorer. I met Jeff through William Tucker, another sculptor we represent, who taught him at Central St Martin’s in the 1970s. It was an extraordinary time in British sculpture when the ‘New Generation’ was coming to the fore.

3 What is one category of object in vogue right now?

Due to the lower price point we are finding sculptors’ prints and drawings are doing really well. There is such an incredible range of approaches and they are often overlooked. We are taking on a huge additional exhibition space for two-dimensional works.

4 What is one challenge you foresee

The art market is having to become more transparent. While I welcome open pricing online, in exhibitions and at fairs, I’m slightly concerned about the new money-laundering regulations that come into play next year and how this might impact sales.

5 Real ale or espresso martini?

An espresso martini is the perfect antidote to fair fatigue, but you can’t beat a half of real ale and a packet of Frazzles in a country pub for the unwind.


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