Serhat Ahmet outside his new shop in Cecil Court.

Ahmet describes the showroom as “much bigger and more luxurious, redecorated with a carpet and in my signature colours. It has a very nice window area.”

He adds that he has plans to develop the large basement area, and for now offers his stock on the ground floor.

“Here it’s a bit more of a destination,” he says of Cecil Court. “It’s nice that it’s changed and is still changing.”

Located off Charing Cross, the pedestrianised street is lined with Victorian shop frontages and is a growing area for art and antiques dealerships.

Businesses include Bryars & Bryars, Darnley Fine Art, Daniel Bexfield Antiques and Colin Narbeth & Son.

This year Ahmet will focus on his shop and plans to hold several curated selling exhibitions and late-night openings, as well as exhibiting at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair in September.